Father and daughter basketball coaches match up

In the City of Meriden, Connecticut, there are three high schools, two public and one state technical. Polish Falcons Second Vice President and Girls Basketball Coach of Platt High School (West Side), Dan Michalak, knew this season would be different than any other season that he has ever coached. Dan’s daughter, Nest 68 Physical Instructress and Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach of Post University (Waterbury, Conn.), Mallorie Michalak, was hired this past fall as the Girls’ Basketball Coach at Maloney High School (East Side). Mallorie was a former Platt standout player (2002-2006) and was one of the all-time scorers with 1250 career points. Over the past years (2006-2014), Mallorie has coached the Platt girls in the Summer and Fall Leagues. She has developed a relationship with the players, knowing their strengths and weaknesses. When she was hired as coach at Maloney, the first thing Mallorie did was inform the Platt girls that she would be coaching at their rival high school. She didn’t want them to hear about it second-hand and also told them that she would still work with them in the off-season leagues.

When the season finally started, so did the trash talk between father and daughter, nothing new because they had done this talking for years! Dan coached against Mallorie as a player, not as a coach. The ride home after the game is a quiet one(someone had to lose). Some players from both teams also got involved in the talk, as well as Joshua, who came to his dad’s side telling his sister, “She doesn’t have the experience yet.”

The first meeting between the father-daughter coaches was January 22 at Maloney’s gym. This was also a fundraiser night for breast cancer. The gym was packed with fans from both teams, though Maloney however did have more. After all the pregame pictures, warm-ups and introductions, it was time to play!

Platt took the lead at the start and ended the first quarter with the score 10-8 over Maloney.

In the second quarter, Platt went on an 8-point run. After a timeout call by Coach Mallorie and some adjustments, Maloney came back and took the lead; however Platt tied it up by the half, 20-20. At the start of the third quarter, Coach Dan and his girls made changes to the offense and defense. The quarter went Platt’s way, ending with a ten-point lead, 35-25. Coach Mallorie and her girls were not about to give up and they started the fourth quarter hitting two quick 3-pointers! Coach Dan had no choice but to call a timeout before the run gets away. After all the playing and talking ended, the score was 45-31 in Platt’s favor. So, father may have defeated daughter this first time, but there is a rematch February 16 at Platt’s gym. Let the trash talk begin again!

Photos by Nest 68 Member Bob Neuman

Photo by Nest 68 Member Bob Neuman