VP Trish: Back to School

Wow! It is August and summer is coming to an end. (Not that we had much of a summer weather-wise, but there were certainly many days where we had fun, enjoyed the sunshine, and created some new memories.)

Many have returned to school and some are just getting ready to go back. This is a new chapter for many with little ones starting school and also for many, their child going off to college.

So, while you are getting the kids squared away, why not check out your own paperwork? Please let the Polish Falcons know when and where you move, if you change phone numbers or email addresses. Another extremely important matter is to update your beneficiaries. Too many still have their parents listed as their primary beneficiary with no contingents listed. Please review your policies and be sure that the person you want to receive your death benefit does. Life is much simpler when there is a living beneficiary. Also, if your beneficiary is not a Member, be sure to provide us with their current information.

If while reviewing your information, you find that you do not have adequate insurance, please contact your Nest Insurance Specialist or John Denning, here at the National Headquarters. PFA offers a wide range of affordable products.

When a person inquires about becoming a Member of your Nest, please do not quote any of the PFA insurance products or amounts. Please contact John Denning or your Nest Insurance Specialist. The life insurance industry has become much more complicated than it was in the past. We need to make sure that all of the processes are complete and correct.

By the way, you can also complete the yellow referral cards that each Nest President received in January 2015. This is a wonderful way for the person who is referring a new Member to get a $10 referral fee and be entered into the quarterly drawing for the $100 Visa gift card. They also get entered into the end of the year drawing for a $500 Visa gift card. The Nest with the most new Members will also receive a $500 cash prize.

Contact information for the National Office is 800-535-2071 or fax 412-922-5029.


Druhna Chris: Fundraiser for Your Nest

As part of the National Zlot in 2014, all participants will receive a Souvenir Program Book. It will list the Zlot schedule, additional information and good wishes from everyone who places an advertisement in the book. The book will help with the costs for participants, the Zlot, and can even raise some funds for your Nest. Here is how it works.

First of all, if your Nest has athletes that are participating at the Zlot, the cost per participant for room, meals and transportation to and from the Zlot is $250. This entry fee will need to be sent in with your application prior to the Zlot. Following submittal of the application and entry fee, advertisements can be solicited for the program book. Any money raised by you for the book will come back to you as a refund. So, if you solicit $250 in ads, you will get a $250 refund which will pay for one athlete to attend the Zlot. After all of your athletes entry fees are covered, for every excess dollar you raise, you will receive ½ of the amount over the $250 back for your Nest. So, if you have four participants attending the Zlot and you raise $1200, you will get a refund of $1000 for the four athletes and another $100 as ½ the excess amount.

If your Nest does not have any athletes participating in the Zlot, you can still take part in the fundraising aspect of the event. Any money your Nest solicits in ads will get you ½ the amount back after the Zlot. So, if you solicit a $100 ad, after the Zlot is completed, your Nest will get a $50 refund as the fundraiser.

I am certainly hoping that all of our Nests participate in the fundraiser and take this opportunity to support our youth Members. I know that a lot of you remember when you went to a Zlot. I certainly remember going to the National Zlot and how exciting and fun it was. I am so glad that my own children are able to participate in the Zlot and compete with their Falcon friends from different regions. I hope that you feel the same way, and that we can keep the Zlot going for our children’s children.

Click on the Zlot banner at http://polishfalcons.org to download a sponsorship packet and access all of the information you will need to collect and submit advertisements for the program book (sizes, cost, address, etc.). Thank you in advance for your support of the PFA youth Members!