Second VP Dan: Active Summer Part 1

This is the first one of a series of three. One for each month.

July started at Falcon Youth Camp in Pennsylvania. This year it was better known as Camp Mud! I don’t think it would have mattered which week we picked because basically this was the summer of rain. But, everyone still had a great time and even helped to celebrate my birthday.

Campers sing "Happy Birthday!"

Campers sing “Happy Birthday!”

Members from Nests 31, 65, 68, 208 and 307 held a train trip to New York City and Citi Field for a New York Mets game. After the game, we all went back to the city for dinner and entertainment. A great time was had by all.

Following the trip, the next big event on my calendar was the District V Convention. The New Britain, Conn. Nests hosted the two-day affair. Friday night started off with a meet and greet. For the first time, Nest 17 made the trip from New Jersey to attend. In addition to all the business that needed to be done, the New Britain Nests made sure we were all well fed. They started with breakfast before the start of the session. Lunch was at Falcon Field and a beautiful banquet ended it all.

Next up was a trip to Scottsdale, Ariz. I was there representing the Public Safety workers and members from the International Municipal Signal Association of New England area. One of the offsite highlights was going to a Diamondbacks baseball game.

Pool inside Diamondback field.

Pool inside Diamondback field.

In between these events, I was able to take in a few car shows in the Connecticut area. The first car show of the season I attended was at Panera Bread on the Berlin Tpk. in Newington, Conn. My car won one of the best of show for that evening!

Car with new trophy!

Car with new trophy!



Inter-Polonia Bowling Results

Each year, youth Members from the Polish Falcons of America, the Polish Women’s Alliance, the Polish National Alliance and the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America have their junior bowling tournaments. The results are then forwarded to National Vice President Trish Del Busse to compare results.

The event was originally done through the efforts of Druh Robert Gorny, currently the District VI Director.

This is the first time the Polish Falcons did not come in first place; this year we came in third.

We had seven winners- Tyler Hoke, Devin Yanick and Ava Stevens of Nest 45 placed in the Pee Wee Division, Riley Kulaga in the Bantam Division, Lauren Andrychowski in the Juniors Division and Melissa Paterni and Kaitlyn Johns in the Majors Division.

Click here for full results.

Congratulations to all participants. Each participant will receive a certificate and the winners will be receiving trophies.

Druhna Del Busse

Nest 725 Officer retires


After 43 years of holding various positions as an Officer in the PFA, Marian E. Hansen of Nest 725 Milwaukee, Wis. retired on Dec. 31, 2012. Throughout her 43 years, starting in September of 1969, Marian made lifelong friends, traveled to many states and even visited Poland four times to attend school and to perform at various festivals.

While serving as Instructress, Marian connected with many adults and children, teaching them Polish Folk dances amongst a variety of other performances. There isn’t much room left in Nest 725’s canteen with all those trophies and plaques won through the years!

Taking away a wealth of education from the PFA physical fitness program, Marian wishes to thank Instructors, Mr. Pett, Lottie Fik and Marian Wesolowski.

Marian directed many National Meet grand finales under Marian Wesolowski. One performance made the Sunday newspaper’s front page in color at the National Meet in South Bend, Ind. That finale in Polish costumes with 10 May Poles was quite a display!

At another of the National Meets, Marian’s boys and girls dressed in white, created a full display of the Polish eagle that covered almost a whole gym floor, while the adults dressed in red and white costumes, formed the Polish flag. That performance received a five-minute, hand-clapping, standing ovation at one of the PFA National Meet programs.

Positions held throughout Marian’s career are as follows: Nest Instructress – 24 years; Nest President – 8 years; Financial Secretary – 15 years; District II Instructress – 20+ years; National Polish Folk Dance Director – 8 years; Polish Fest Milwaukee Representative – 31 years; Cultural Chariperson – 25 years; Polish Folk Dancers of America Representative – 30 years; Canada PFA Drum and Baton Corp. – 5 years.

During her time in the above positions, Marian won many top three parade awards, as well as a second place state completion corp.
Marian participated in 11 National Meets, double that number District Meets and Tri Meets, and worked at National and District camps. She attended 10 National Volleyball Tournaments and participated in many of Chicago’s May Day parades. She also directed several television programs, promoting the Falcons.

To her many friends, her family and to all Falcon Members who helped her along the way, Marian says, “Thank you! Thank you!”

As of April 23, Marian has begun work as a Producer and Director for public cable, MATA Time Warner Cable channels 96 and 14. Her first show aired in September and will continue with shows in October and December.

President Kuzma: Druh Kuzma Goes to Washington

I thought I would start my first official PFA blog telling you about an important trip I am making this weekend to Washington, D.C. for two events. First, in conjunction with the American Fraternal Alliance, I will be visiting the offices of four U.S. Senators to talk about our federal tax exemption, and second, I will be attending the second annual conference of a relatively new Polish organization called the American Polish Advisory Council.

Taxes and the PFA

In the past, many of you may have heard me talk about the issue of the federal tax-exemption that Polish Falcons of America has been granted by the IRS as a fraternal benefit society. This exemption not only covers the operations on a national level, but covers all of our Nests and Districts. This exemption is critical to a successful business model for our organization. Without it, I don’t see a sustainable future for our organization and other fraternal organizations.

The assault on our exemption has been ongoing for a number of years. The federal government (and some local governments) is leaving no stone left unturned in its quest for additional revenues. Earlier this year, we sent a “Call to Action” email encouraging members to contact their U.S. Congressmen and Senators in regard to the “blank slate” proposal suggested by Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont.), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and his GOP counterpart, Senator Orin Hatch (R-Utah). They sent a letter to every member of the Senate proposing a “blank slate” approach to tax reform. This approach would eliminate virtually every tax preference and exemption from the current Tax Code – including the deductions for mortgage interest and charitable contributions – and require those who benefit from such provisions to make a compelling case to lawmakers that such policies should be restored.

Baucus and Hatch stated in their letter that each credit and deduction will be scrutinized and those that cannot be justified will be eliminated. “We plan to operate from an assumption that all special provisions are out unless there is clear evidence that they: 1) help grow the economy, 2) make the tax code fairer, or 3) effectively promote other important policy objectives,” said the letter. Baucus and Hatch indicated that “some existing tax breaks should be preserved in some form.”

This is a terrible idea. We joined with the American Fraternal Alliance to oppose this proposal. PFA members were among the 5,500 fraternal members from across the country who sent more than 10,000 emails to their Senators in Washington. Each of the 100 Senators received an email. I sincerely appreciate the response of PFA members who took the time to respond to this call.

While the response to this Call to Action was successful, this war is ongoing. The American Fraternal Alliance is ever vigilant in monitoring this issue and keeping us aware of new developments. This Friday (Sept. 27) the firm working with the AFA arranged for me to visit the offices of four U.S. Senators where we have a large concentration of PFA members. I am scheduled to visit the offices of Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Senators Robert Casey and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

My primary purpose in these meetings is to explain the importance of the tax exemption for all fraternal benefit societies. I will also stress all the positive programs, benefits and activities the Polish Falcons does for its members and communities, and why it is so important that our tax status does not change. I want to make it clear that if we lose our exemption, we will lose the ability to provide the services and benefits we offer. And if they are lost, they are lost forever. There won’t be another organization to step in and do what we do. And even if we would survive, PFA would not be the same organization it is today and we would not be able to do the things we do for our members and communities.

Fraternal organizations like the Polish Falcons of America have been an important part of this nation’s fabric for almost 150 years. Our record of accomplishment and service speaks for itself. The exemption gives us the ability to do all the great things PFA does. As I said, this battle is not done. I hope that my meetings will have an impact so that if these Senators are ever called on to vote on the exemption in the future, they fully understand the impact of the decision they will make.

2013 American Polish Conference

The next day, the American Polish Advisory Council is holding its 2013 American Polish Conference at the Atlantic Council. I attended the conference last year and was impressed with the speakers which included Ryszard Schnepf, Poland’s Ambassador to the U.S. and New Gingrich, former U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives. Overall, it was a good conference and provided me with new insight into what is happening in the broader Polish-American Community and in Poland.

This year’s conference agenda is equally interesting. Among the speakers are Andrew Nagorski, bestselling historian and award-winning journalist , U.S Congressman John Dingell from Michigan, Lee Feinstein, Ambassador to Poland 2009-2012, and Ian Brzezinski, a senior fellow in the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security. Topics will focus on U.S.-Poland strategic relationships, immigration reform from a transatlantic perspective.

As one of the largest Polish organizations in the U.S., I believe it important that PFA be an important part of the Polish Community in the United States. We play a large role with the Polish American Congress and are affiliated with organizations such as the American Council for Polish Culture and the Kosciuszko Foundation.

Historically, PFA has always been involved in the Polish-American Community. By forging strong relations with other Polish organizations we create a greater awareness of the PFA. That is important if we want to the PFA to be noticed, to stand tall in the crowd and grow as an organization.

I am looking forward to the journey and the meetings. I am hopeful that they will be productive and that the PFA will benefit in the future. Watch for my next blog next week when I report on what happened when “Druh Kuzma Goes To Washington.”