VP Trish: Scholarship Appreciation Event

Teofil Starzynski, a Pittsburgh Doctor of medicine was President from 1912-1952.

Teofil Starzynski, a Pittsburgh Doctor of medicine was President from 1912-1952.

For quite some time, we have discussed having a gathering of scholarship recipients. It sounds like a great idea but logistically, it simply didn’t make sense. Well, the upcoming National Convention is providing the opportunity for us to gather, celebrate and cultivate the Dr. T. A. Starzynski Scholarship Program.

On Friday, July 15, there will be such a gathering at Nest 4 (MR) on the corner of Bendix and Keller Streets. The evening will begin with dinner being served from 7:00-8:30. Tickets are available for the cost of $25 per person which includes dinner and an evening of fun! (Winner need not be present.) Nest 4 will provide refreshments for a minimal cost. Vegas games will begin at 7:30.

Bus transportation from the hotel begins at 6:30.

This sounds like a perfect evening to me. One gets to support the Scholarship Program, possibly win a bit, socialize with Members, and support the local Nest! What could be better!?!

Show your alumni status proudly; wear some type of garment from your college. It may be a shirt, hat, cheerleading outfit, football uniform, wrestling singlet, or bring your pom-poms.

All are invited! This event is open to everyone, not just Convention Delegates. It would be nice to see former recipients attend.

The first grant of the scholarship program was issued in 1962 to James Sopata of Nest 8, Pittsburgh and Joanne Zielski of Nest 401 Enfield, Conn.; each received $250! Since that time, the PFA has awarded over $720,500 to more than 11,000 Falcon Members!

Chairing the Scholarship Committees is something I enjoy and embrace. There have been many improvements made to the program. There are now three categories-Achievement receives $1,500, Involvement receives $1,000 and General receives $750. The Mary Kus grant of $3,000 is chosen from the Achievement Category. The deadline is February 15 of each year; the application is available online the beginning of December.

Our website has a list of all recipients, take a look!

As always, if interested in making a donation, please send your check to my attention to: Polish Falcons of America, 381 Mansfield Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15220. The program is funded exclusively from donations. We need a few more Genevieves, Pats and Matthews!

Looking forward to seeing you in South Bend!


Important Message from Polish Falcons of America

Fr. Joe at the 2014 Mass in honor of Our Lady of Czestochowa.

Fr. Joe at the 2014 Mass in honor of Our Lady of Czestochowa.

We are deeply saddened to inform you of the passing of Rev. Canon Joseph Sredzinski, our PFA National Chaplain of 34 years. We received notification this past weekend from his family stating Fr. Joe passed away while on a trip to Poland with classmates. We do not know any details of his passing at this time. The family is making arrangements to bring his body back to the U. S. for burial. We will send funeral arrangements as soon as we receive them from the family. We ask that you keep Fr. Joe in your prayers.

Rev. Canon Joseph Sredzinski of Uniontown, Pa. was ordained in 1970 following the completion of his priestly studies at Saints Cyril and Methodius Seminary in Orchard Lake, Mich. One who in his own words was committed to “holding fast to the heritage and culture bequeathed to Polish Americans by those who had great faith and hope in crossing the ocean to hurdle the obstacles they faced,” Rev. Sredzinski was named National Chaplain of the Polish Falcons of America in 1981. He was appointed by the Board of Directors to be the eleventh National Chaplain of the Falcons since the office was created in 1912.

In 2009, Rev. Sredzinski played a key role in working with Bishop David Zubik of Pittsburgh to establish the special Mass to honor Our Lady of Czestochowa at St. Paul Cathedral in Pittsburgh. The Mass has become an annual event, occurring each August and attracting more than 700 hundred parishioners.

Updates will be posted to the PFA website at http://polishfalcons.org.

May he rest in peace. Niech spoczywa w pokoju. Czolem.

Holland Brown: Picture Perfect!

Working at Polish Falcons of America is a rewarding experience. Knowing that my designs and layouts are viewed by our Members is great; words can’t describe the happiness I feel when people enjoy my work!

On the pages of the Sokol Polski, I have the opportunity to design layouts using your photos. We, those of us in the Communications Department (Courtney and I), love when you submit stories recapping the happenings at your Nest or share your Members’ accomplishments. The key for us to make your stories stand out is having photos that are of print quality. When Courtney and I are reviewing your photos, it is important that the images reach a basic print standard.

Ideally, we love photos that:

  • Are JPEGs, TIFFs, PDFs or PNGs.
  • Are at least 300 dpi (if digital).
    • DPI stands for Dots Per Inch. The best way to describe it is each individual dot creates an image and the more dots, the better the image will look. The less dots that make up the image, the more pixilated it will appear.
    • The file size of your photo should be at least 1MB or greater. If it is only a few kilobytes, then it’s too small for printing.
  • Have a caption.
  • Are submitted digitally.

Photos that we don’t love as much:

  • Are inserted in a Word document or Quark file.
  • Are less than 300 dpi.
  • Have no caption.
  • Are printed and need to be scanned.

Side note: We accept photos from your average everyday camera. But, please ensure there is no date present in the corner of your image. It’s distracting!

Follow these rules and your photos will be picture perfect!

To submit your next story, visit polishfalcons.org/sokol_submissions.

Father and daughter basketball coaches match up

In the City of Meriden, Connecticut, there are three high schools, two public and one state technical. Polish Falcons Second Vice President and Girls Basketball Coach of Platt High School (West Side), Dan Michalak, knew this season would be different than any other season that he has ever coached. Dan’s daughter, Nest 68 Physical Instructress and Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach of Post University (Waterbury, Conn.), Mallorie Michalak, was hired this past fall as the Girls’ Basketball Coach at Maloney High School (East Side). Mallorie was a former Platt standout player (2002-2006) and was one of the all-time scorers with 1250 career points. Over the past years (2006-2014), Mallorie has coached the Platt girls in the Summer and Fall Leagues. She has developed a relationship with the players, knowing their strengths and weaknesses. When she was hired as coach at Maloney, the first thing Mallorie did was inform the Platt girls that she would be coaching at their rival high school. She didn’t want them to hear about it second-hand and also told them that she would still work with them in the off-season leagues.

When the season finally started, so did the trash talk between father and daughter, nothing new because they had done this talking for years! Dan coached against Mallorie as a player, not as a coach. The ride home after the game is a quiet one(someone had to lose). Some players from both teams also got involved in the talk, as well as Joshua, who came to his dad’s side telling his sister, “She doesn’t have the experience yet.”

The first meeting between the father-daughter coaches was January 22 at Maloney’s gym. This was also a fundraiser night for breast cancer. The gym was packed with fans from both teams, though Maloney however did have more. After all the pregame pictures, warm-ups and introductions, it was time to play!

Platt took the lead at the start and ended the first quarter with the score 10-8 over Maloney.

In the second quarter, Platt went on an 8-point run. After a timeout call by Coach Mallorie and some adjustments, Maloney came back and took the lead; however Platt tied it up by the half, 20-20. At the start of the third quarter, Coach Dan and his girls made changes to the offense and defense. The quarter went Platt’s way, ending with a ten-point lead, 35-25. Coach Mallorie and her girls were not about to give up and they started the fourth quarter hitting two quick 3-pointers! Coach Dan had no choice but to call a timeout before the run gets away. After all the playing and talking ended, the score was 45-31 in Platt’s favor. So, father may have defeated daughter this first time, but there is a rematch February 16 at Platt’s gym. Let the trash talk begin again!

Photos by Nest 68 Member Bob Neuman

Photo by Nest 68 Member Bob Neuman

PFA Scholarships

It’s time to apply for scholarships!

The deadline for submitting applications for the Dr. T.A. Starzynski is February 15. The deadline for Richard C. Gorecki is April 15, and the deadline for the Nest 92 Non-Traditional is June 15. For additional information, visit http://polishfalcons.org/scholarship or contact Trish Del Busse at 800-535-2071 or vptrish@polishfalcons.org.