Druhna Chris: The Polonaise Ball in Erie

On Saturday October 27, 2012 I had the honor of attending the 48th Annual Polonaise Ball in Erie, PA sponsored by the East Side Federation of Polish American Societies. I was excited to be able to attend as one of our Polish Falcons Future Leaders, Rachel Mazzone of Nest 123, was a candidate for Queen of the Ball. I was also glad to bring along 2 more of our Future Leaders group, Melissa Puskar and Christy Paterni to support Rachel.

So on Saturday afternoon, Christy, Melissa, and I got in the car and headed up to Erie. It was a pretty rainy day so we cranked up the tunes and started singing. We listened to a lot of the songs we used for the camp line dance competition. It was a lot of fun and made the two and a half hour drive go quickly. Before we knew it we were near the Nest 610 club where the event would be held. We decided to stop in a nearby gas station and get all dolled up for the Ball. We jumped back in the car and completed our trip in a few short minutes.

When we arrived, we first saw Rachel in her beautiful purple gown. She was just gorgeous. She was already a Queen in our eyes! Becky Sienkiewicz had saved us seats with her family and gave us a warm welcome along with Rachel’s parents, Sue and Tony Mazzone! They were all very proud of Rachel and so were we. We also had the opportunity to meet 2 of the past Queens, who are also members of the PFA, Danielle Sienkiewicz and Anastasia Mazzone. I was glad to be able to congratulate Anastasia on her recent marriage!

After some welcoming comments and an invocation, we were treated to a home cooked fabulous meal. It seems that my two traveling companions especially enjoyed the mashed potatoes. I enjoyed the whole thing. Who doesn’t like it when someone else cooks for you!

At the end of dinner, the formal program began as each of the four candidates and their escorts were introduced. My favorite part of the evening was when they performed the Polonaise. They did a beautiful job and it was a pleasure to watch. Even though Rachel was not chosen Queen, she looked beautiful and her parents and family should be very proud of her. I know that Melissa and Christy and I were!

Then the dancing and fun began. Everyone one was able to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening. Melissa, Christy, and I headed back to Pittsburgh after getting back into our comfy clothes. It was still raining and dark, but the radio was playing and we all enjoyed the ride back home.

Thank you to the Mazzone’s and their extended family for your hospitality. Thank you to Rachel for being an excellent representative of the Polish Falcons of America. You made us proud. Thank you to Melissa and Christy for joining me and keeping me company on the drive. You made my day more enjoyable!

Druhna Chris

Biography of Rachel Mazzone…

Rachel Mazzone is the 19 year old daughter of Anthony and Susan Mazzone. She is currently attending Penn State Behrend with a career goal in Psychology. She is a scholarship recipient from the PFA and the East Side Federation. She is doing an internship at Sarah Reed Children’s Center and is a Director at the PFA Nest 123. She is a bowler at Nest 123 and is employed at Giant Eagle as a cashier. She is a part of the Polish Falcons Youth Leadership program and attended the conference in February. This summer she chaired an event, “Spread the Wave to Cure Cancer” at Padarewski Park and raised over $2600 to donate to the John Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation and is keeping this an annual event. She is part of the Penn State Educational Partnership Program, (PEPP). She is on the St. Stanislaus Parish Day committee in charge of the children’s games. Her escort this evening is Derek Sauers.