Polishfest 2016

A “family-oriented festival” of Polish live music, song, folk dance performances, ethnic foods, crafts and culture will be presented on Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016 from noon to 5 p.m. at the University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning (Commons Room, 1st Floor). This cultural event is FREE and open to the public. A variety of cooking demonstrations and food sampling, make-n-take kids crafts, folk art demonstrations, and a holiday craft and gift mart will be centered around “A Celebration Of Christmas in The Old Country.” This year’s festival will also celebrate the rich culture, music and folklore of Pittsburgh’s Lithuanian Community. Take a trip to the “Old Country” without leaving Pittsburgh. It’s FREE!

Featured entertainment will include: Bociai Lithuanian Chorus, Frania’s Polka Celebration, Lajkoniki Polish Folk Ensemble, Living Traditions Folk Ensemble, Radoslaw Fizek (Polish Folk Songs and Christmas Carols) and the Echos of Lithuania.

For more information, contact L.G. Kozlowski, Festival Director, at lgk505@aol.com or 814-969-5940.

Polishfest ’16 is partially sponsored by the Polish Falcons of America and the Polish Falcons Heritage Foundation.

Druhna Chris: Camp Photos Galore!

Hey Campers! Have you checked out our Digital Camp Scrapbook? In it, you will find tons of photos and videos! The Lip Sync Contest songs are in there, as well as the cabin photos. Go ahead and take a look. You are bound to find you and your friends in there somewhere. Thank you to Courtney and Holland for coming up with this really nice addition to our camp experience.


I hope that by now everyone has had a chance to see all of the rest of the photos from camp on Facebook. There are so many great pictures! Some of my most favorite are the ones from the campfires on the beach with the sunset in the background. Click here to go to the Polish Falcons National page to view the photos.

I have already been in contact with the St. Vincent De Paul staff about next year’s camp. Since our National Convention is the week after the Fourth of July, we cannot have camp that week. I am trying to move camp week to July 31 to August 7, 2016. As soon as I receive the final decision from the camp, I will let everyone know. Then, you can plan early to join us. I’m hoping that we get even more campers and adult helpers to join us next year! I have some exciting ideas for new team challenges and activities. Keep a lookout for the final word on the dates.

Have a great end to your summer and good luck in the new school year!

Father and daughter basketball coaches match up

In the City of Meriden, Connecticut, there are three high schools, two public and one state technical. Polish Falcons Second Vice President and Girls Basketball Coach of Platt High School (West Side), Dan Michalak, knew this season would be different than any other season that he has ever coached. Dan’s daughter, Nest 68 Physical Instructress and Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach of Post University (Waterbury, Conn.), Mallorie Michalak, was hired this past fall as the Girls’ Basketball Coach at Maloney High School (East Side). Mallorie was a former Platt standout player (2002-2006) and was one of the all-time scorers with 1250 career points. Over the past years (2006-2014), Mallorie has coached the Platt girls in the Summer and Fall Leagues. She has developed a relationship with the players, knowing their strengths and weaknesses. When she was hired as coach at Maloney, the first thing Mallorie did was inform the Platt girls that she would be coaching at their rival high school. She didn’t want them to hear about it second-hand and also told them that she would still work with them in the off-season leagues.

When the season finally started, so did the trash talk between father and daughter, nothing new because they had done this talking for years! Dan coached against Mallorie as a player, not as a coach. The ride home after the game is a quiet one(someone had to lose). Some players from both teams also got involved in the talk, as well as Joshua, who came to his dad’s side telling his sister, “She doesn’t have the experience yet.”

The first meeting between the father-daughter coaches was January 22 at Maloney’s gym. This was also a fundraiser night for breast cancer. The gym was packed with fans from both teams, though Maloney however did have more. After all the pregame pictures, warm-ups and introductions, it was time to play!

Platt took the lead at the start and ended the first quarter with the score 10-8 over Maloney.

In the second quarter, Platt went on an 8-point run. After a timeout call by Coach Mallorie and some adjustments, Maloney came back and took the lead; however Platt tied it up by the half, 20-20. At the start of the third quarter, Coach Dan and his girls made changes to the offense and defense. The quarter went Platt’s way, ending with a ten-point lead, 35-25. Coach Mallorie and her girls were not about to give up and they started the fourth quarter hitting two quick 3-pointers! Coach Dan had no choice but to call a timeout before the run gets away. After all the playing and talking ended, the score was 45-31 in Platt’s favor. So, father may have defeated daughter this first time, but there is a rematch February 16 at Platt’s gym. Let the trash talk begin again!

Photos by Nest 68 Member Bob Neuman

Photo by Nest 68 Member Bob Neuman

PFA Youth Blog: National Zlot (1)

My First Zlot!
Written by Dakota Williams, PFA Future Leader (Nest 36, Southwestern Conn.)

This was my first Zlot attending and I was so excited. My grandmother, Trish, took me and my younger sister, and she had already planned everything out. We showed up the day before the Zlot started and helped out as much as we could.

The next day came and everyone showed up. I saw a lot of old friends from past years at camp which was great! Later on that week, the Track and Field events started and I ran the 800 meters. Running is NOT one of my skills. We started and the other kids ran by me like it was nothing. I was behind and tired; I wanted to give up and just walk off the track and not finish the last 200 meters, but I did not let that stop me. Everyone was cheering me on, really like everyone was. I was not going to let them down, so I finished with a smile and said great job to the other kids who ran. The next day, I ran the 100 meter relay with my Nest (36). The race started and I waited as I was the third senior. My turn came and I took off like a bullet going around everyone. We won. I was so glad that I could help the team out.

The next two days were volleyball. The first day, we played for fun and practice. The next day was serious. The games started. The looks on the faces were not friendly. My team won game after game, only losing to Nest 36. Then the championship game came and we had to play them once more. we took a tough lost first game but came back to beat them by 10 points the second game, which sent it into a tie breaker. Sadly we lost, but it was fun and was worth every painful injury. The last night we had the dance. It was a sure splendid time. Everyone danced into the night until it was time to go back to the dorms.

For my first Zlot, I had a blast and I can’t wait to see everyone else again.