VP Trish: Scholarship Appreciation Event

Teofil Starzynski, a Pittsburgh Doctor of medicine was President from 1912-1952.

Teofil Starzynski, a Pittsburgh Doctor of medicine was President from 1912-1952.

For quite some time, we have discussed having a gathering of scholarship recipients. It sounds like a great idea but logistically, it simply didn’t make sense. Well, the upcoming National Convention is providing the opportunity for us to gather, celebrate and cultivate the Dr. T. A. Starzynski Scholarship Program.

On Friday, July 15, there will be such a gathering at Nest 4 (MR) on the corner of Bendix and Keller Streets. The evening will begin with dinner being served from 7:00-8:30. Tickets are available for the cost of $25 per person which includes dinner and an evening of fun! (Winner need not be present.) Nest 4 will provide refreshments for a minimal cost. Vegas games will begin at 7:30.

Bus transportation from the hotel begins at 6:30.

This sounds like a perfect evening to me. One gets to support the Scholarship Program, possibly win a bit, socialize with Members, and support the local Nest! What could be better!?!

Show your alumni status proudly; wear some type of garment from your college. It may be a shirt, hat, cheerleading outfit, football uniform, wrestling singlet, or bring your pom-poms.

All are invited! This event is open to everyone, not just Convention Delegates. It would be nice to see former recipients attend.

The first grant of the scholarship program was issued in 1962 to James Sopata of Nest 8, Pittsburgh and Joanne Zielski of Nest 401 Enfield, Conn.; each received $250! Since that time, the PFA has awarded over $720,500 to more than 11,000 Falcon Members!

Chairing the Scholarship Committees is something I enjoy and embrace. There have been many improvements made to the program. There are now three categories-Achievement receives $1,500, Involvement receives $1,000 and General receives $750. The Mary Kus grant of $3,000 is chosen from the Achievement Category. The deadline is February 15 of each year; the application is available online the beginning of December.

Our website has a list of all recipients, take a look!

As always, if interested in making a donation, please send your check to my attention to: Polish Falcons of America, 381 Mansfield Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15220. The program is funded exclusively from donations. We need a few more Genevieves, Pats and Matthews!

Looking forward to seeing you in South Bend!


Dozin’ with the Dinos at The Field Museum

Polish-American Group Outing at The Field Museum in Chicago, Ill.

Date: April 4-5, 2014

Imagine roaming The Field Museum in Chicago, Ill. at night! Bring your sleeping bag and explore one of the most exciting spots in town! Overnights are a unique opportunity for parents and their children, 6-12, to spend the night at the Museum.

The evening begins with orientation and various workshops in the main hall. Stop by Dinosauria! Afterwards, we will watch a performance, munch on a snack, enjoy late night activities, and explore the Museum’s exhibitions, including Inside Ancient Egypt by flashlight.

Group Overnights begin at 5:45 p.m. and end the following morning after 8 a.m.

This is a family-friendly program. Give your children a night to remember.

Cost for Group Overnight is $55 per person. Sign-up now! Space is limited.

Click here for reservation form.

For additional information, please contact:
Polish Women’s Alliance – Vice President Sharon Zago, 1-888-522-1898 Ext. 208
Polish Roman Catholic Union – Vice President Anna Sokolowski, 1-800-772-8632 Ext. 2601
Polish National Alliance – Vice President Paul Odrobina, 1-800-621-3723 Ext. 316
Polish Falcons of America – Vice President Trish Del Busse, 1-800-535-2071

VP Trish: Southington Apple Festival!

Friday, October 5, I headed east to one of my favorite places, Connecticut. This time, I was going back to volunteer at the Apple Festival in Southington. I have participated for a few years but was unable to help last year due to volunteering at my brothers’ motorcycle races.

This was the 44th Annual event which takes place in the heart of Southington surrounding the Town Green and attracts 100,000 visitors. It is an impressive event with local entertainment, a variety of contests, craft fair, rides, and on-stage music. There are quite a few wonderful food booths and that would include the Nest 307 booth. Nest 307 sells homemade pierogi (the Nest Members made 16,000 pierogi (potato-cheese and sauerkraut) and kielbasa grinders. This year, they added the Polish dinner plate which proved to be a big hit!

It’s funny how things become routine. We arrive bright and early Saturday morning, stop by the apple fritter stand (have to get there very early or stand in a ridiculously long line) work several hours, take a break, go eat a pulled pork sandwich, walk around, visit the American Legion (where we always run into several Falcon Members), head back stopping to get an apple dumpling with the works (tons more calories), then work a bit more. This year, we didn’t work anywhere near as long as we have in that past. President Jim Sokolowski and his wife Chris recruit as many folks as possible and this year, there were quite a few. To ease the parking issue, volunteers may park at the club and there are Members who shuttle folks to the booth. There again, thinking of everything, they bring change or whatever else is needed. There have been improvements each year. The first time I volunteered, I stayed at the club and cooked. The pierogi would then take a short ride to the festival. Now there is a huge cooler with the pierogi and all food items are prepared on site.

There are volunteers from most Nests in District V. District Officers-Phil Zambrello, Frania Tracz, Joe Choromanski, and John Kowarik donated time again this year. I worked the second weekend and spent time with other Nest Members.

From years of working the event, most of us do the same job each year. Mine is working the register. There are quite a few rules and one is that if you handle food, you can’t handle cash and vice versa. I get to be the cash girl. Each year, I wear a Steeler shirt which truly makes sense because there are quite a few Steeler fans in New England. It adds to the fun to joke with visitors either wearing another team shirt or a Steeler shirt. One year, a young man came to buy what we were selling, (he didn’t care what it was) because he was a huge Steeler fan.

Also as added bonus for working, Druhna Chris Sokolowski’s Mom made brownies for all the workers in the tent-they were fabulous. I took four to take some home to my son but he only got two of them!

Congratulations to Nest 307 for another great job! This event is good for the community but also good for the Polish Falcons. Thank you to all who work so hard for this event, not only the actual festival but the countless hours leading up to the preparation. Jim and Chris need to sleep for a week straight when it is over!