VP Trish: Back to School

Wow! It is August and summer is coming to an end. (Not that we had much of a summer weather-wise, but there were certainly many days where we had fun, enjoyed the sunshine, and created some new memories.)

Many have returned to school and some are just getting ready to go back. This is a new chapter for many with little ones starting school and also for many, their child going off to college.

So, while you are getting the kids squared away, why not check out your own paperwork? Please let the Polish Falcons know when and where you move, if you change phone numbers or email addresses. Another extremely important matter is to update your beneficiaries. Too many still have their parents listed as their primary beneficiary with no contingents listed. Please review your policies and be sure that the person you want to receive your death benefit does. Life is much simpler when there is a living beneficiary. Also, if your beneficiary is not a Member, be sure to provide us with their current information.

If while reviewing your information, you find that you do not have adequate insurance, please contact your Nest Insurance Specialist or John Denning, here at the National Headquarters. PFA offers a wide range of affordable products.

When a person inquires about becoming a Member of your Nest, please do not quote any of the PFA insurance products or amounts. Please contact John Denning or your Nest Insurance Specialist. The life insurance industry has become much more complicated than it was in the past. We need to make sure that all of the processes are complete and correct.

By the way, you can also complete the yellow referral cards that each Nest President received in January 2015. This is a wonderful way for the person who is referring a new Member to get a $10 referral fee and be entered into the quarterly drawing for the $100 Visa gift card. They also get entered into the end of the year drawing for a $500 Visa gift card. The Nest with the most new Members will also receive a $500 cash prize.

Contact information for the National Office is 800-535-2071 or fax 412-922-5029.


Nest 104 announces 2015 scholarship recipient

The eleventh Annual Nest 104 Scholarship has been awarded. On Nest 104 Member was awarded $2,000 toward her degree program studies. Nest 104 dues paid Members, as well as Good Standing Members of the District I Nest, are eligible to apply for the annual awards.

Cassandra Guderski


A May 2015 graduate of Pacific Grove (CA) High School, Cassie will commence her studies at Humboldt State (CA) University in the fall, majoring in anthropology. A four-year member of her high school volleyball team, she was a three-year volunteer at AFRP (Animal Friends Rescue Project), a local animal rescue and adoption center in Pacific Grove.

Cassie also volunteered with TASK, a group that collected student and teacher supplies and donations, and distributed them at various orphanages and schools in Nicaragua. Upon completion of her degree, she intends to study phlebotomy and become a certified phlebotomist. Thereafter, she plans to spend two to four years in the Peace Corps, before commencing her career as a hospital phlebotomist.

Nest 104 congratulates our 2015 Scholarship winner. Her academic and extracurricular achievements are exemplary. We take pride in her accomplishments and wish her every academic and career success.

Stan Tafil, Pres.
On behalf of Nest 104 Scholarship Committee

President Kuzma: National Golf Tournament Part 2

I returned safely home from the National Golf Tournament last week. I don’t want to talk about the return trip. The only thing I will say is that I arrived home at 3:15 a.m. and I had to be in the office that morning for a couple important meetings. Enough said about that.

About the Tournament, I want to commend Pat Heineman and Nest 45 for doing an outstanding job as host of the Tournament. They did a great job and from what I could see, everyone had a fabulous time. Even though I only played the first round on Thursday, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in St. Louis. I had the pleasure of golfing with Paul Sadowski, District II President, Jeff Beilfuss, Nest 907, Cicero, Ill., and Rich Starnick, from Nest 74, Auburn, N.Y. The course on Thursday was at Eagle Spring Golf Club. It was a nice course and I played my normal game. I was probably most happy with my putter. One of these days I will be a better golfer. One of these days. For inquiring minds I shot a 108.

I did attend the meeting of the PFA Golf Commissioners on Wednesday evening at the Nest. I had hoped the Commissioners would talk about the future of the Tournament and I was not disappointed. National Golf Commissioner Mary Whalen guided the discussions and when all was said and done, I am confident the Commissioners will work hard to improve the Tournament and increase participation. The Commissioners did not solve every problem, but this group is up to the challenge and will give it their best effort. I do not want to get into too much detail as Druhna Whalen will present a report to the Board of Directors with recommendations for the Board to consider.

That said, everyone agrees that increasing attendance is the number one priority for the future success of the Tournament. The Commissioners were open to new ideas and possibilities for the Tournament. None of us can predict the future, but if we are willing to take on the challenges today we will be better prepared for the future, no matter what it may bring.

I am happy to report that Nest 336, Jackson, Mich., will be the host of the Tournament in 2017. The last time Nest 336 was the host of the Tournament was back in 2006. Congratulations to Nest 336 for accepting the host duties for the Tournament.

As I said, increasing participation in the National Golf Tournament, as well as all of our PFA events (Nest, District and National) is a paramount goal for our organization. We have to figure out new ways to attract Members, and get them to engage with the wide variety of programs and benefits we offer. I, the Executive Committee, Board of Directors and staff are open to your ideas. Let me know by commenting on any of our blogs or just send an email or call. I look forward to your feedback.


John Kuzmirek: Where did the time go?

Where did the time go? My youngest child Haley is soon to be off to college. She will be attending Duquesne University, Mylan School of Pharmacy, this fall. I had the pleasure of being Haley’s softball coach since she was 12 years old. It was something really special for both of us. It was our “thing”, something that we got to spend a lot of time together doing, and something we both enjoyed tremendously. It was a great experience, and Haley was fortunate to be on a team with the finest group of young ladies and parents around. My wife Paula, Haley and I will cherish the friendships and all the good times traveling and playing tournaments! Although Haley had the opportunity to play in college, she chose a school that doesn’t have a softball team, but has an excellent pharmacy program.

On August 18th she moves into her dorm and Paula and I will officially be “Empty Nesters”. I don’t know how I’m going to feel that day on the ride home. Paula will have to drive as I won’t be able to see through my tears! Although I am extremely proud of the nice young lady she grew up to be, it’s very hard to let go and accept the fact that she is on her own (even though she’s only 30 minutes away from home). I trust that God will guide her to make good decisions and be very successful, but I sure will miss her. Of course Haley can’t wait to start a new chapter in her life.

As most parents in our situation, we didn’t save nearly enough to pay for all of her college expenses. Who does? It’s a reality that hits home as “the day” draws near. I wish I could go back in time to make sure that I would be better prepared. For those of you who are parents of young children, it’s not too late to start preparing for “the day” when you drop your son or daughter off at college. There are many educational saving plans available to help take the stress of college expenses out of the equation and let those tears that will flow down your face, be tears of pure joy and happiness for your child. We have a great resource at Polish Falcons in John Denning who can help you with the financial part of college planning. Reach out to him! Time marches on, so there’s no better time to start! God bless you!

President Kuzma: National Golf Tournament

As I write this I am on my way to St. Louis for the PFA National Golf Tournament. Unfortunately, I will only be able to participate the first day of the Tournament. Regardless, I expect to have a great time. When I was getting in line to board the first leg of my flight I ran into Steve Lubinski, from Nest 146, New Castle, Pa., and his foursome who are also headed to the Tournament on the same flight. Nest 146 will be the host of the Tournament in 2016. He said the courses have been secured and they will be finalizing housing soon. Now that’s planning.

Even though I haven’t even made it to St. Louis yet, I am sure that Pat Heineman and her crew of volunteers at Nest 45 are more than ready for all the Falcon golfers. The weather should be great. I was in St. Louis less than a month ago as Nest 45 was the host of the District II Convention and their hospitality was outstanding.

One of the many challenges facing our organization in recent times has been the decline of participants in many of our events. This year, there will be about 55 golfers at the Tournament. That is a decline from 2014. Granted, Nest 45 is far from where many of our Members live, but this has nothing to do with the effort put forward by the Nest. They have done everything possible to attract as many golfers as possible for the Tournament. This year, we even allowed non-members to participate. (We’re doing the same for National Bowling next year.) This issue is more than just geography. Other events have also been declining. It’s time we start creating strategies and ideas to reverse this trend.

I will attend the meeting of the Golf Commissioners this evening and I want to get a healthy discussion started about what we are going to do. We have to be willing to look at all alternatives for the future. Things that worked well in the past are not working today and they probably aren’t going to work in the future. We aren’t going to agree on everything, but we have to be willing to admit that we have to do things differently. I don’t have an agenda for the meeting, nor the solution, but I do have some ideas I want to share. I look forward to a good meeting where there is a good debate and we are open to new possibilities.

I do know that after the tournament, we will conduct a survey of all the participants to get their input and thoughts about their experiences in St. Louis. These kind of surveys have proven to be useful to help us evaluate our programs and learn ways to make them better. One of the “problems” with the surveys is that they only give us the perspective of the people who are there. Don’t get me wrong, this input is extremely valuable and we need it. But I also want to know why people are not returning to the tournament, or why they have never come. We are going to work on how we can figure this out.

I will do a follow-up blog on my long journey home from the Tournament tomorrow evening.

Finally, on behalf of the entire organization, I want to thank everyone, from National Golf Commissioner Mary Whalen to Host Chairperson Pat Heineman, to all the volunteers at Nest 45 for all the work you have done. It does not go unnoticed. This Tournament would not be possible without you. Thank you! Czolem!