PFA Youth Blog: National Zlot (1)

My First Zlot!
Written by Dakota Williams, PFA Future Leader (Nest 36, Southwestern Conn.)

This was my first Zlot attending and I was so excited. My grandmother, Trish, took me and my younger sister, and she had already planned everything out. We showed up the day before the Zlot started and helped out as much as we could.

The next day came and everyone showed up. I saw a lot of old friends from past years at camp which was great! Later on that week, the Track and Field events started and I ran the 800 meters. Running is NOT one of my skills. We started and the other kids ran by me like it was nothing. I was behind and tired; I wanted to give up and just walk off the track and not finish the last 200 meters, but I did not let that stop me. Everyone was cheering me on, really like everyone was. I was not going to let them down, so I finished with a smile and said great job to the other kids who ran. The next day, I ran the 100 meter relay with my Nest (36). The race started and I waited as I was the third senior. My turn came and I took off like a bullet going around everyone. We won. I was so glad that I could help the team out.

The next two days were volleyball. The first day, we played for fun and practice. The next day was serious. The games started. The looks on the faces were not friendly. My team won game after game, only losing to Nest 36. Then the championship game came and we had to play them once more. we took a tough lost first game but came back to beat them by 10 points the second game, which sent it into a tie breaker. Sadly we lost, but it was fun and was worth every painful injury. The last night we had the dance. It was a sure splendid time. Everyone danced into the night until it was time to go back to the dorms.

For my first Zlot, I had a blast and I can’t wait to see everyone else again.


  1. Well Dakota, I appreciate all the help you gave us and I am very glad that you had such a good time!

  2. Youth events are always my favorite but having two grandchildren there made it that much better. Dakota and Mikayla were a big help and very well behaved (as were the others). They both worked hard and made me very proud. Dakota blew my mind in the relay because the previous day when I watched him run the dashes, my thought was that he is not a runner. Well, that was changed during the relays. Mikayla was on the first place drill team which made me very proud because the drill is very important to me (and to the PFA); she worked hard and took it seriously. Of course, the two of them heard many stories on our road trip regarding the drill. I thought Druhna Chris’s idea of breaking the kids into groups and having a second drill competition was a fabulous idea that worked really well. More than half the participants came there unprepared to compete, but at the end of the week, all did and did a great job!
    The one constant with these events is the support system that Dakota mentioned. All cheer on one another! They are competitors, but true Falcons! Our young people give me hope!

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