A Mother’s/Father’s Day gift for a loved one?

Have you ever wondered what your parents’ or grandparents’ Polish surnames mean and how they came into being? A custom-researched surname analysis will make an interesting and unusual gift and come as a nice surprise to your loved ones.

A large group of Polish last names were derived from the names of various foods and crops. These have included: KIEŁBASA (sausage), KAPUSTA (cabbage/sauerkraut), GOŁĄBEK (stuffed cabbage or “little pigeon”), MLEKO (milk), ŚMIETANA (cream), TWARÓG (curd cheese), ŚLIWKA (plum), GRUSZKA (pear), BARSZCZ (borscht – white or red sour soup), ŻYTO (rye), GRYKA (buckwheat), PIWKO (small beer), WÓDKA (vodka) and many more.

Other Polish surnames referred to occupations, household and barnyard tools as well as the father’s first name or home village of one’s distant ancestor. Whatever the case, you can learn all about a Polish last name, what it means, how it came about, how many people use it, where they came from and whether a coat of arms goes with it.

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You will also get a useful genealogical contact chart which can help you track down your family records in Poland and possibly even turn up long-lost relations. For more information, please contact research60@gmail.com.