Nest 88 baseball team wins championship

Nest 88 New Britain, Conn. recently hosted a pizza party and awards night at the club’s hall in honor of the Polish Falcons Nest 88 baseball team topping the New Britain Little League to win the 56th Mangan League Championship title. The Polish Falcons has been one of the Mangan League’s best teams over the past four years, being the one to beat as they have won three consecutive championship games and two titles. Parents, family members and friends filled Nest 88’s hall as the proud teammates enjoyed the festive evening.

Mike McCarthy, the Polish Falcons baseball team coach for 22 years, was very proud of his boys. “I’ve always had good young men who are either very good baseball players or are willing to learn,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy himself played for the Polish Falcons from 1971-1976 in the Mangan League. Years later, when asked to coach, he immediately said yes, not knowing how long he’d end up doing it.

“In the Mangan League,” McCarthy explained, “you carry over players year-to-year. This year, I had six players returning from last year plus seven in draft and they mashed together as a good cohesive team. Manny Sandoval, Jr., began at the age of 12; he is now 16,” McCarthy continued.

“His mom brought him to practices when he was 12. I told his mom that he was the finest young man I have ever coached. Now, 4 years later, he became team leader in practices before and during games.”

Mike Riccardi played his second year with McCarthy’s Polish Falcons team, and he loves the game. He became the team’s number one pitcher, pitching the season’s first game that was won.

The Polish Falcon baseball team is an enthusiastic and determined team. An example is 13-year-old Elliot Garcia. Garcia, like his teammates, loves to play and plays hard every game.

“Even though I’ve singled out those 3 players,” McCarthy said, “the kids all contributed to every game throughout the season.”


The Polish Falcons culminated the Mangan League Championship by playing hard and playing their best. They had the continuous support of their coach, Mike McCarthy, as well as their families. Putting all that together has resulted in this championship team.