VP Trish: Celebrating the Holidays

Well, here we are at the beginning of another year! Whew, life flies by! When you are young, you hear that life is short, enjoy. You think, yeah right. Then you get a bit older and guess what, it does indeed fly!

Hopefully, all had a wonderful holiday season. Mine was extremely nice this year. I actually celebrated Christmas twice. The beginning of December, I went out to Indianapolis to visit my son, Gregory and his family. We spent the entire day Saturday at the gym (one of my favorite places) watching Dakota participate in high school wrestling matches. He did great! We went home, had Christmas dinner, and then opened gifts. All were quite pleased. My gift to Jasmine, Dakota and Mikayla was a night and afternoon with their grandmother (me). We stayed at a lovely hotel with a fitness center, pool and hot tub. The next morning, we went out to breakfast and then to see Tran Siberian Orchestra. It was fabulous, Jasmine had been in three show choirs in high school, Dakota loves their music and Mikayla is in the orchestra. After I left there, I went down to Louisville to spend time with my brother, Bud and his family. His son has 2 year old twin granddaughters and they are awaiting the arrival of Shelby.

My family had our traditional family dinner at Buca a few nights before Christmas. Christmas Eve and Christmas day were of course, wonderful with the babies. Prior to Christmas, we had gone to Kennywood (local amusement park) to see lights, visited Santa in our neighborhood, and Santa visited our house on a fire truck. The look of innocence and joy on their little faces while looking at the tree and my mantle is priceless! Ryan is simply in awe of the mantle. I have bubble lights, candles, pine, holly and Santas on display. He also enjoys my dancing Santas, they have danced more this year than all the combined years I have owned them!

Speaking of family, a short time ago, two of Gustav Pieprzny’s grandsons, came into our office to visit the museum. We talked about their grandfather, looked at some pictures and talked about the days when their grandfather was the Chief Instructor of the PFA being appointed in 1925. Druh held this position (with one three year break) until his death in 1970. Paul needed additional life insurance so I sold him a policy. The gist of this story is that even though Paul is not very active within the Polish Falcons (he is a Member of Nest 8 and visits the club about once every year or so), when he needed life insurance, he came to the Polish Falcons. As many of you know, we have a new portfolio of products. One of my favorites is the new juvenile term product. One payment and you’re done. Please consider the Polish Falcons when purchasing life insurance. Many of you say, I have life insurance at work, I don’t need anymore. My suggestion is to check and see what happens if you are no longer employed there. Does your policy go with you or will you be retired (so obviously older) and in need of life insurance? It is obviously more cost effective to purchase when younger. If you have questions regarding life insurance, please contact the Polish Falcons of America.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy, Healthy New Year!